Theodore J Kapanjie Details The Importance of Preventative Care

January 14, 2022

Dr. Theodore J Kapanjie on The Importance of Preventative Care

MANCHESTER , MISSOURI, UNITED STATES , January 14, 2022 / -- Dr. Theodore J Kapanjie is an experienced physician who believes in the importance of preventative care. Growing up, many people go to the doctor annually. However, as people get older, their schedules get busier. Therefore, they may not believe it is important to go to the doctor because they are feeling well. In actuality, it is critical for people to go to the doctor at least once per year for a preventative exam even if they haven't had any health problems recently. Theodore J Kapanjie, DO, explains why this is so important.

Some Serious Medical Conditions Do Not Show Symptoms Right Away

One of the first reasons why people should go to the doctor at least once per year is that some serious medical conditions may not show symptoms right away. For example, Dr. Theodore J Kapanjie has seen situations where people are feeling well, but their blood work shows symptoms of diabetes. Or, even if people are feeling alright, they may have elevated blood pressure. These conditions might not be caught without a trip to the doctor for an annual exam. The earlier these conditions are diagnosed, the faster the treatment can begin. This could dramatically improve someone's overall prognosis. Going to the doctor at least once per year gives the physician an opportunity to catch issues that might have otherwise been overlooked.

Going To The Doctor Gives Patients an Opportunity To Ask Questions

Furthermore, taking a trip to the doctor gives patients an opportunity to ask questions. A lot of people only ask the doctor questions if they are in the room with them. Some people do not have time to call the practice and wait for a response. Other people might feel a bit awkward talking to someone other than a doctor about their questions or concerns. Privacy is paramount when patients go to the doctor, and a lot of patients are more willing to open up about their questions or concerns during an annual visit. Everyone should have the opportunity to ask questions, which is why an annual exam is critical.

Preventative Care Can Save Time and Money Down the Road

Finally, preventative care can also save a tremendous amount of time and money. Theodore J Kapanjie, DO understands just how expensive a trip to the hospital can be. Surgical procedures can be time-consuming, and a stay in the ICU can be costly. Therefore, it is better to prevent these issues from happening in the first place. By investing in preventative care, patients might avoid a trip to the operating room, a stay in the ICU, or an invasive procedure. This saves everyone a lot of time and money.

Everyone Should Go To The Doctor at Least Once Per Year

These are just a few of the many reasons why preventative care is so important. Even if people are feeling well, it is critical to go to the doctor at least once per year. Furthermore, people should go to the optometrist at least once per year and the dentist at least twice per year. The main goal of preventative care is to prevent medical problems from developing down the road.

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