WellSpring Home Health Releases New Guide for Older Adults Seeking Professional Speech Therapy

October 14, 2021

Speech therapy helps people communicate and overcome feeding and swallowing difficulties. It’s an important part of home care services.

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Older adults can develop new speech disorders following a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or recent hearing loss. WellSpring Home Health released a new guide on how professional speech therapy can help and how people can access these services with home care.

For children and adults who have a speech impediment or are experiencing issues with eating and swallowing, the guide suggests seeing a speech-language pathologist to learn how to better formulate words. Key benefits of seeking help from an experienced SLP include better articulation, improved swallowing, reduced stuttering, proper pronunciation, increased confidence, and reduced anxiety.

The guide explores how several factors can contribute to speech problems, including certain health issues, hearing problems, dysphagia, learning a second language, and anxiety. Speech therapists are experienced in identifying the cause of any speech impediment and creating a treatment plan for helping children and adults speak with clarity.

It is possible for adults who’ve never had a speech impediment in the past to develop a new speech disorder later in age. Cognitive and physical disabilities can also contribute to long-term speech issues. Common reasons for this include autism, cerebral palsy, stroke impairments, dementia, cleft palates, and hearing loss.

Some home care facilities include speech therapy in their service offerings as being able to communicate effectively allows seniors to enjoy a better quality of life.

WellSpring Home Health Center offers both skilled nursing home care services and unskilled home care services in Anchorage and Wasilla, Alaska and Tacoma, Washington.

Their skilled home services included personalized care provided by a skilled/registered nurse that can offer medical care, including pain management, chronic conditions management, post-surgical care, and more. If needed, they can also provide speech therapy services.

For people seeking home care services, more information can be found at the WellSpring Home Health website.

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